Soft cheese

Soft cheeses: "Suluguni", "Suluguni" smoked, "Sticks» smoked, "Mozzarella", "Cheddar". This group of cheeses is made from normalized pasteurized milk by combining milk-preparation with the use of bacterial fermentation, followed by processing, chederization and melting of cheese mass. Cheese "Suluguni" has a dense elastic consistency, sour milk taste, salty, has a layered structure. In the translation from Georgian means "sulu" - soul, "guni" - the heart. Cheese "Suluguni" smoked may be in the form of sticks, strawberries, and snails, which is distinguished by a salty flavor with the taste and smell of natural smoke. Perfectly suited to beer. Cheese Mozzarella, Cheddar, these cheeses are an indispensable component for the preparation of salads and pizza.