Hard cheeses

Cheeses of solid "Ukrainian", "Bukovynskyi", "Hollad’s", "Family", "Maasdam" are made from cow's pasteurized milk with the introduction of pure cultures of lactic acid bacteria. This group of cheeses has a dense plastic consistency. The cut has a round and irregular shape. Characterized by pronounced cheese flavor and aroma.

Cheese products "Gauda", "Kyivskyi" and "Ruskyi" are among the products of cheeses with a low temperature of second heating. They have a pronounced cheesy, slightly sour taste and a pleasant cheesy flavor. Color: white to slightly yellow, homogeneous in mass. Appearance: The crust is thin, without a thick surface layer, is covered with a polymeric film under a vacuum, which adheres tightly to the surface. Consistency: the dough is gentle, plastic. Cheese products are made from skimmed milk, milk from cow's milk, a substitute for milk fat, by mixing it with an enzyme preparation.