Unsalted pasterized butter 82.0% fat

Unsalted pasterized butter 82.0%

Package Weight: 25 kg
Packaging: carton box
Tare: transport
ISO 22000 and HACCP

It is made from pasteurized cream obtained from cow's milk.
Taste and smell: pure, well-defined creamy with a touch of pasteurization.
Calorie content (energy value) per 100g of product: 743kcal (3111kJ).
Nutritional (nutritional) value per 100 g of product: proteins 0.5 g fats-82.0 g carbohydrates - 0.8 g.

Expiration date: at relative humidity of air no more than 80%:
at a temperature from 0⁰C to -5⁰C no more than 3 months
at a temperature of from -6⁰C to -11⁰C no more than 9 months
at a temperature of -12⁰C to -18⁰C no more than 12 months.