Hard cheese "Ukrainian"

Повна назва Жирність Опис
Hard cheese "Ukrainian" 50% Вага упаковки: 6,8-8,0 кг
Форма: кругла;

Made from cow's milk and has a pure, pronounced cheesy taste, slightly sour.

Consistency: the dough is gentle, plastic. Figure: on the cut, the cheese has a uniform pattern that consists of irregularly shaped branches.
Color of the test: from weak yellow to yellow, uniform throughout the mass. The cheese is produced in the form of a low cylinder with a slightly convex side surface.
Weight up to 8 kg.
The mass fraction of fat in dry matter is 50%. Maturity is 30 days.

Period of suitability for consumption and storage conditions: relative humidity
from 80% to 90% and in the following temperature modes:
at a temperature from minus 4 ° С to 0 ° С - not more than 4 months; at a temperature from 0 ° С to 6 ° С - not more than 3 months.