The production capacities of the HAISYN MILK PLANT LLC allow you to meet the needs of the domestic market and export your products abroad.

The geography of supplies beyond Ukraine includes countries such as: Latvia, Moldova, Romania, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Marocco, Jordan, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, China.

For export we offer products ready for transportation at long distances and with long-term sales:
- dry dairy products (milk powder, demineralized whey powder)
- hard cheeses (Edam, Bukovinsky, Holland’s and others)
- soft and brined cheese
- butter and spreads.

We continue to develop in the chosen international direction and are happy to see new partners. The company is a reliable partner who always listens to the wishes of the customer.

For cooperation, please contact: tel. + 38 (067) 505 60 95 or by e-mail haisynmilk@gmail.com