Vinnytsia Business Club

On April 12, a general meeting of the Vinnytsia Business Club, a public organization uniting powerful enterprises of the Vinnytsia region, was held on the basis of Gaisinsky Dairy Plant LLC.

Gaisinsky Dairy LLC, despite its respectable age (founded in 1932), operates only modern technological equipment, as it has been completely modernized over the past 10 years. Over the years, the company has established itself as a manufacturer of high quality dairy products, specializing in the production of hard and soft cheeses, butter and dried dairy products.

During the familiarization tour of the plant's facilities, its head Taras Osadchiy acquainted the participants with the cheese-making process in more detail:

“Thanks to technological modernization, the company has mastered the production of a wide range of products. Production is automated, so we can control all its stages, constantly monitor the quality and safety of products, which has expanded the geography of its deliveries to countries such as Latvia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Egypt, Jordan, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia. The company employs 210 people, with an average salary of about 8,000 hryvnias. In addition, today the technological capacity of the plant allows to produce 300 tons of hard and 180 tons of soft cheeses, 540 tons of butter and spreads, 360 tons of dry dairy products per month. "

Also, the head of the company did not ignore the shop for the production of dried dairy products.

In addition, during the meeting according to the agenda, the participants considered important organizational issues, including the election of the chairman and members of the Council of the public organization, as well as the chairman of the NGO "Vinnytsia Business Club".

Following the voting, the re-election of Vyacheslav Kalinichenko as the chairman of the Vinnytsia Business Club and the election of Nikolai Ovcharuk to the position of chairman of the Council of the public organization were unanimously supported.

In addition, the participants discussed the current state of the business environment of Vinnytsia region, the development of export and import potential of the region and increasing its investment attractiveness.